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Working at the Tortoise Breeding Center in Isabela was a very rewarding experience. As a pre-veterinary student, I am very interested in the health and care of animals, especially one as unique and rare as the Galapagos giant tortoise. We worked in teams, alternating the days of the week that each team worked. Our main duty was to assist in feeding the tortoises three days a week. The tortoises eat a plant known as otoio, which is cut into three sections and sorted according to the size of the tortoises. Baby tortoises eat the leaves, medium sized tortoises eat the middle stem/leaf section, and the larger adults eat the base part of the stem. In addition to feeding the tortoises, we also assisted with cleaning their pens of old food and cleaning their water lagoons as well as general maintenance of the tortoise pens.

Kyra Hartog


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