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The goal of our service project was to make a sustainable endemic garden in the yard of IOI. However, we were not able to finish it because of the difficulties with the plants that were already growing in the yard. We had tried to pull up everything, but it kept on growing back no matter how hard we tried. Eventually, employees from the National Park noticed our efforts and decided that they would take over since, in order to get rid of the weeds, they would need to fumigate. Unfortunately, we were not able to accomplish our original goal, but instead we used the rocks that were in the garden area to make walls around IOI so that people will respect the property better. What I have learned from this experience is that for the early settlers on Isabela it must have been very difficult for them to get started. It is very hard for me to imagine arriving on these islands and having to build your own property with the difficult landscape and environments.

Alyson Kuba

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